CSR Discussion – Sustainability, Consumerism, Linear Economic System

CSR Discussion -Sustainability, Consumerism, Linear Economic System


1. Is sustainability an issue you consider in your purchase decisions? Why or why not?

2. Have a look at this video: https://storyofstuff.org/movies/story-of-stuff/. Does it change your answer to Question 1? How do you answer the main question posed in the video: How can we make a linear economic system more sustainable?

3. Is sustainability a high enough priority in business, politics, and society today? Why, or why not? If not, what should be done to change that?


This video made me feel desperate at least 10 times while watching… At one point I even attempted to close it but continued for the sake of this discussion post. It was just sad..  

1- I care about sustainability when buying stuff but to be honest I’d not say I’m 100% sustainability-oriented in my purchasing decisions. There are many other factors that affect my purchase decisions. The video talks about consumerism, and the constant consumption-oriented lifestyle especially in the US. I know sustainability is not all about consuming less, but on a personal level, I don’t shop a lot, I go shopping when I need, and I buy what I need. I’m a minimalist, and I’m proud of that. More stuff has been always equal for me to more responsibility and made me feel somehow restricted, and so regardless of my income level, I always shop what I need. I know it’s not the only contribution I can make, but at least I do this on a personal level.

2- In order to make the system more sustainable, we need to transform it to a way that doesn’t waste resources or people. For that, the people all along the system and also the government should get united and reclaim the system into a new version. We need to educate ourselves, and our nation about sustainability, equity, green chemistry, zero waste, renewable energy, and all.

3- I don’t think sustainability is prioritized by the business, politics, or society today. Sustainability is something that matters in the developed world, the developing world has bigger problems (what I mean by “bigger” is the problems that have immediate impacts on them).

And even not all of the developed world countries care about sustainability or do what it takes to make it number one priority because not being sustainable kills us (the world) slowly. It’s not something that shows its effect instantly, therefore the governments, business, ad society, we all ignore or neglect it when we have other problems that show instant impacts.

To change that, I’d say educating the nations, and increasing the awareness of costs of our current system is a must. The more these issues come to light, are discussed and negotiated, the more the society become aware of the reality. Only in that way, we (the people all along the system) can get united, change our mindset and lifestyle, and transform our system to a better one.

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