Organizational Behaviour Explained

1. Provide a comprehensive explanation defining what is Organizational Behaviour.

Organizational Behaviour intends to understand how people act, think, behave, and interact with each other within a group or organization (Langton & Robbins & Judge, 2019). 

2. Identify how disciplines [other fields of study] have influenced areas studied within “OB.”

OB is influenced by multiple other fields of study such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

Psychology studies the behaviour of humans in general whereas OB aims to understand how people act within the organizational settings. There are industrial and organizational psychologists who contribute to the knowledge of OB.

Sociology studies people groups concerning their social environment or culture. While Psychology and OB focus on individuals, sociology is more interested in group behaviours in organizations.

Anthropology is the study of societies to learn about different cultures and environments. Since in an organization, especially in big corporations, we usually have many people from different cultures and background, anthropologists help us have a better understanding of people’s behaviours in organizations since every human being act based on their culture.

3. Explain how the main models/concepts embedded within the field of “OB”  influence areas studied within “OB?”

Main concepts embedded within the field of OB are contingency approach, interdisciplinary approach, systems approach, a systematic approach, micro to macro levels of analysis. In terms of the study of organizational phenomena, OB takes a systematic approach which is a research-based approach. For the consideration of organizational phenomena, OB takes a contingency approach which has different recommendations based on the situation (Langton & Robbins & Judge, 2019).

4. Identify how “OB” is relevant to various stakeholders.

OB is important for everyone. If we think about an organizational setting, stakeholders are the individuals and groups who have a vested interest in a company.

Owners and/or managers of an organization should be good at understanding OB to manage and run the people of an organization effectively. Employees need OB understanding too to improve their interpersonal skills. Understanding of OB helps organizations and team to create a positive work environment, enhance their well-being, improve ethical behaviour.

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