Sample International Marketing Plan – Lululemon

Sample International Marketing Plan – Lululemon

The purpose of this report is to provide an update on the key findings that the research team has obtained in the process of preparing a marketing plan for Lululemon to enter the Singaporean market.

The Company: Lululemon Athletica

Founded in Canada more than 20 years ago, Lululemon Athletica is a high-end athletic apparel company that mainly gears its image towards yoga (Lululemon, 2020).

Some of the company’s main products are fitness pants, shorts, tops, and jackets for yoga, dance, running, and many other sporting gears for both women and men.

For the last few years, the company has grown noticeably and expanded its operations to many important markets such as the United States, Australia, or China. According to O’Connell (2020), the company has currently an approximate of 500 stores operating worldwide.

The country: Singapore

Singapore is a city-state country in South East Asia with a population of nearly 6 million people. Despite its small size, it is a wealthy country whose GDP per capita is among the top countries in the world.

Although Singapore has strict national laws, it offers attractive policies and the tax regime for domestic and international companies to operate in the country. For that reason, Singapore attracts various businesses from around the world, of which more than two-thirds are from service industries (Department of Statistics Singapore, 2020).

Moreover, Singapore is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world with four official languages namely Malay, English, Mandarin, and Tamil (BBC (Ed.), 2018). On the same note, Singapore promotes a pre-requisite approach in business relationship building. As Singaporean businesspeople see trust as a key factor for a successful business, relationships should be prioritized before going straight to business terms and conditions.

Lastly, the country prides itself on a stable political environment, attractive and business-friendly regulatory framework, unique strategic location, and cosmopolitan ambiance.

The Market Segmentation

Lululemon targets consumers who are sport-inspired and in need of workout apparels for professional athletic use, casual workouts and fashionable sportswear (Lululemon, 2020).

On pricing strategy, the company focuses on serving middle-class consumers or above, who prioritize quality over price and willing to spend extra money on dependable and comfortable

Currently, Lululemon’s strategic sales are divided into three main market segments: corporate-owned retail stores (74%) like pop-up shops in malls, direct-to-consumer sales (18%) such as e-commerce platform and small channels (8%) specifically wholesalers and franchisors (Quiroz, 2018).

The Consumer/Market Analysis

Initially, the main target consumers of Lululemon were women, ages between the ages of 16 to 35, especially those who seek balanced and healthy lifestyles. As the company grows and expands internationally, its products are currently available for women to men, kids to adults,
and everyone in between.

However, as the company targets mostly health-conscious consumers with high disposable incomes, it imposes a threat of having a small market size where not many people could fit the profile. For the same reason, it would be challenging for Lululemon to guarantee a stable stream of new customers as well as encouraging existing customers to come back and
rebuy frequently.

Geographically, North America remains the core market for Lululemon as it accounts for 95 per cent of its sales. However, as yoga steadily becomes a booming trend in countries such as China, Japan, or Singapore, it is promising that Asia would become another key market for
the company in a foreseeable future.

Nowadays, as digital experience plays an important role in modern marketing strategies, Lululemon also actively uses social media such as Twitter or Instagram to run marketing campaigns as a strategy to get its best market segment to actively contribute to the company’s
various activities.

Another big threat for the company to expand to Singapore is that sports apparel is a highly competitive industry that is crowed by giants such as Nike, Adidas or Under Amour. Those competitors have been in the market long before Lululemon with well-established brand images and cheaper prices. Hirschmann (2020) stated that the ageing population of Singapore can cause major economic and social repercussions for the company.

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