International Marketing – Gilly, Cateora, Graham Chapter 16 Questions and Answers

International Marketing – Gilly, Cateora, Graham Chapter 16 Questions and Answers

  • The most important elements of marketing communications for most companies are _____ and personal selling.


  • True or false: Sales promotions involve long-term efforts that are aimed at consumers or retailers.


  • What objectives do good public relations accomplish? (Check all that apply.)

Unfavourable events, rumours, and stories about companies are managed.

Media and press are encouraged to cover positive stories about companies.

Companies are helped to communicate messages to their customers.

  • Change in culture can be brought about through _____.

Global mass media advertising

  • Cultural differences among various countries most often affect marketing decisions related to ______.


  • What are the components of integrated marketing communications?

Personal selling

Trade shows

Direct selling

Sales promotion


  • What are the various sales promotion devices that are designed to supplement advertising and personal selling in the promotional mix? (Check all that apply.)

Coupons and gifts

Contests and sweepstakes

In-store demonstrations

Samples and cents-off

Product tie-ins and sponsorship of special events

  • Identify the parties to whom companies aim to convey their messages. (Check all that apply.)


General public

Government regulators

  • Global advertising expenditures tend to be _____.


  • The effectiveness of an advertisement can be ensured if all the characteristics of the advertisement coincide with ______ norms.


Entry into many markets is based on access to appropriate _____.

Communication channels to customers

Consumer purchases and retailer cooperation can be increased by implementing marketing activities known as ______.

  • Identify the objectives that can be achieved through sales promotions. (Check all that apply.)

Retail point-of-purchase displays can be gained.

Advertising can be supported and augmented.

Stores can be encouraged to stock products.

Consumers can be introduced to stores or brands.

  • Tim is the marketing manager of a beverage manufacturing company. He is responsible for conducting an international advertising campaign to launch and promote a new product. In this scenario, identify the first step that Tim should take.

Marketing research should be performed

  • Why are highly developed advertising strategies needed? 

Because competition for world markets has intensified

Because sophistication of foreign consumers has increased

  • When do companies across Europe seek commonality in branding and advertising?

When they need to ensure efficiency

When they need to avoid confusion related to multiple label names

  • Ken is the marketing executive of a multinational company. The company launches a new product into the market, and Ken is responsible for globally promotion of the product. However, the effort undertaken by Ken to communicate the message internationally fails. In this case, a probable reason for failure is that ______.

The requirements and desires of the target markets were not assessed properly

  • The first step in the international communication process is ______.

Encoding by an information source

  • Arrange the steps of an international advertising campaign in the correct order, with the first step at the top.

Marketing research should be performed and communication goals should be specified

The most effective message should be developed for the market segments selected 

Effective media should be selected

A budget should be composed and secured to meet goals

The campaign should be executed and evaluated relative to the goals specified

  • In the context of advertising strategy and goals, why do multinational companies strive to increase control and efficiency without sacrificing local responsiveness?

Promotion programs in multiple countries have given rise to coordination

Cost of advertising have increased

Companies desired a broader company or product image

  • Identify Europe-wide promotional strategies.

Advertising concepts should be designed to appeal to market segments

Market segments across European countries should be identified

  • What causes international communications to fail?

Different cultural interpretations may hinder the understanding of messages.

Media inadequacy may hinder the flow of messages.

The needs and wants of a target market may not have been assessed properly.

  • Match each component of the international communications process (in the left column) with the correct description (in the right column).

An information source –   an international marketing executive who has to communicate a product message

Encoding –   the conversion of a message from a source into effective  symbolism

A message channel – the sales force and/or advertising media that convey an encoded message to a receiver

Decoding – the interpretation by a receiver of the symbolism transmitted from an information source

  • What happens in the first step of the international communication process?

A product message is selected for transmission

  • Which step immediately succeeds encoding in the international communication process?

Transmitting a message to a receiver

  • True or false: The decoding step of the international communications process precedes the encoding step.


  • The significance of providing feedback in the international communications process is that ______.

The effectiveness of the process can be evaluated

  • Any or all of the first six steps of the international communications process can be affected by unpredictable and uncontrollable influences. These influences are collectively known as 


  • In the international communication process, before a source message is transmitted to a receiver, a sender first converts it into effective symbolism. This step is known as _____.


  • In the international communication process, symbols that are transmitted from information sources are interpreted by receivers in the _____ step.


  • The probability of a misunderstanding between a sender and a receiver can be minimized if a(n) ______ exists between them.

Psychological overlap

  • Flow of information about the effectiveness of a message from a receiver back to a source occurs in the ______ step of the international communication process.


  • True or false: Message channels must be carefully selected if an encoded message is to reach a consumer correctly.


  • Identify the examples of noise that affect any or all of the other six steps of the international communications process.


Competitive activities

  • In Europe, there are variations in laws that control ______ advertising from country to country.


  • Which linguistic limitations do advertisers face? (Check all that apply.)

Low literacy rates

Translation issues

Diverse education and social norms

  • To properly perceive actual market needs, an international marketer should rely ______.

More on effective research

  • Identify the factors that can cause an international marketer to symbolize a message incorrectly at the encoding step.

Timing and appropriateness of spokespersons

Humour of spokespersons

Values and beliefs of spokespersons

Tastes of spokespersons

Problems of media availability and literacy

  • Rules governing comparative advertising in Europe allow ______.

Implicit comparisons if they do not name competitors

  • Identify techniques used by advertisers that can lead to difficulties for translators. (Check all that apply.)

Terse writing

Word economy


  • One of the great creative challenges in advertising in diverse cultures is the problems associated with ______.

Communicating to individuals

  • To combat media limitations, advertisers in some countries have

Develop their own media

  • Identify the conditions in which creativity in advertising holds special importance.

If a budget is small

If production limitation exist

  • Which media do governments most commonly prohibit from accepting advertising materials?

Television and radio

  • Advertising campaigns often fail due to perceptions based on heritage and _____.


  • What happens when media limits companies’ creative strategies? (Check all that apply.)

Advertising becomes a smaller part of the promotional program

Marketers must stress other components of the promotional mix

  • In most countries, media prices are ______.


  • A company may limit or decrease print advertising _______.

If printing is of poor quality

If high grade paper is not available

  • What happens if a market is segmented by too many newspapers?

Advertisers cannot afford to buy sufficient coverage

  • In some countries, numerous different media have split markets into ______.

Uneconomical advertising segments

  • Radio and television have become major communications media worldwide, likely because of their ______ value.


  • The cost of reaching a prospect using advertising depends on the _____.

Bargaining ability of agents

  • Identify the problems that are associated with advertising coverage. 

Some demographic groups cannot be reached

Sufficient information about coverage cannot be obtained

  • In some countries, policies related to radio and television advertising have changed in recent years because _____.

Production costs are high

  • The impact of satellite television is a matter of concern for governments because _____.

They are afraid of losing control of the media

  • Companies can effectively use direct mail for advertising in countries where there is ______.

Limited availability of other media

  • A major limitation of using the Internet to advertise consumer products is the Internet’s lack of _____.


  • What will happen if television coverage is expanded? (Check all that apply.)

Global standardized messages will become more prevalent

Advertiser creativity will be changed

  • Identify the traditional major determinants of brand choice. (Check all that apply.)

Word of mouth advertising

Recommendations by peers

  • The big trend is mobile phones is from holding it to your ear to _______.

Holding it in your hand

  • A disadvantage of advertising through direct mail in some countries is that ____

Postage fees have to be collected from the consumer when the mail is delivered

  • The development and execution of advertising campaigns are generally managed by ______ agencies.


  • Identify the accurate statements about the role of the Internet in advertising. (Check all that apply.)

It is used as a promotion medium for consumers goods by many companies

It uses catalogues and product descriptions for promotions

  • The reach and pace of word-of-mouth advertising have been changed by the power of _____.

The internet

  • How are mobile devices used in advertising? (Check all that apply.)

Information and web services are offered to users

Consumers are allowed to ask marketers questions

Innovative answers are delivered by marketers to users

  • Which types of advertising agencies might a company choose to hire when it is seeking local modification and the best cultural interpretation of its advertising message?

Company owned agencies

Multinational companies with local branches

Local domestic agencies

  • True or false: There is a set of global rules that govern the standards of decency in advertisements across the world.


  • Identify the concerns that are being raised in the advertising industry. (Check all that apply.)

It is difficult to define and control decency in advertisement

Certain advertisements demean women

Companies are participating deception in advertising

  • Word-of-mouth advertising works especially well ________. (Check all that apply.)

where people show an orientation toward information

where people exhibit uncertainty avoidance tendencies

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