Personal Global Economy

Personal Global Economy

Many of the items we interact with on a day to day basis are part of our global economy. Evaluate the last ten things you interacted with – clothes, food, electronics.

What countries are your personal global economy made up of? Where is the product manufactured? What is their Country of Origin?

ItemCountry of OriginDid COE play a role in the purchase?
Hand creamNorwayYes, I remember Norwegian hand cream brand Neutrogena had become popular in my country some years ago because of their ads using Norwegian fishermen who have soft and smooth hands
PerfumeFranceNot really, French perfume brands aren’t special I guess
NutellaItalyWell, Italy’s chocolates are not famous as much as Swiss or Belgian chocolates. I’d say no to this, because I didn’t buy Nutella considering its Country of Origin.  
PenGermanYes, German pens are really the best
Smart watchJapanYes, I tend to think Japanese are good at anything related to tech
SupplementsCanadaNot really, I didn’t even check its Country of Origin
Indian Healing Clay for FaceIndiaSort of, because I know India is good in natural products, and herbal cosmetics
Athletic apparelIndonesiaNot really
BaklavaTurkey (unlike Greeks argue! Hahah :)) Yes, Turkish baklava is famous 
Tzatziki sauceGreeceYes, this Greek sauce is the best

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